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Webbi. Website design, online shop design,
CRM, ERP applications, e-commerce.
CMS website management. Graphic design, creation.
Domain and hosting. Internet marketing.

Webbi.pl – Website content management (CMS Content Management System).

Website content management (CMS Content Management System), administrator panels, website updating.

Website management. Internet business solutions.CMS (Content Management System) is an administrator panel, which enables making changes on the website. Programming knowledge is not necessary for operating this application. Basic knowledge of a text editor is just enough e.g. MS Word.

There are many ready-to-use CMS systems on the internet (Content Management System) but the main disadvantage of using them is the lack of sufficient functionality and disability of satisfying variety of needs of website owners.

WebbiCMS is our original application for managing the website, which due to the module structure can be individually adjusted to your needs – you are not charged for modules which you don’t find useful. During the process of integration of WebbiCMS with your website we always take into consideration the specificity of your website as well as trade demands characteristic for you business.

Do you want to start managing your website content?
Call us and make an appointment +48 22 428-28-05,
or email us office@webbi.pl

  Features of the WebbiCMS
individually defined number of pages to be managed or unlimited number of pages
panel adjusted to resolution of 1024 pixels
Multiple language versions
editing web page content with use of a professional WYSIWYG editor
editing text in a visual editor
adding, editing, deleting, transferring, copying web pages
3-level menu (adding, editing, deleting)
font changing, font size and colour changing (previewer) 
importing pictures in formats: jpg, gif, png, swf
creating tables
enumerated lists creating
possibility of different placement of pictures relative to text 
inserting links (hyperlinks) to other websites
picture management (creating catalogues)
choosing the layout of a website
adding web pages which are not visible in the menu
inserting links to files (pdf, xls, doc)
changing the size of pictures
log history (administrator purposes)
changing the CMS password
creating several accounts for different users
tell a friend (additionally charged  - 150zł)
links catalogue (additional charge - 250zł)
photo gallery under the text (additional charge, html - 300zł, flash- 500zł)
newsletter (additionally charged - 450zł)
dedicated access (adding, editing, deleting data) to chosen parts of the service for authorized users

The next stage – business elements...

contact - address detailsContact

If you want to use the internet 
effectively don't hesitate 
to contact us

email us: office@webbi.pl
call us +48 22 428-28-05.

Webbi.pl team.

WebsitesBusiness on the internet

Fast internet connections in TP. Telekomunikacja Polska will start testing the internet with speed of 50 Mb/s. The tests will be carried out in one of the buildings situated in the Wola district. TP is planning to modernize its network. The Operator is concerning replacement of the old, analogue network with a new-generation network (NGN) based on fibre-optic cables.

Google search engine. Google results. The internet company - Google - registered 52% rise in sales during the IVth quarter of a year and 1,21 billion dollars of profit.

The best websites. The Bank Zachodni WBK websites won the competition "Golden website" last year. The websites were the leaders of four categories: big, medium and small companies, and debutants on the stock market.

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WebbiShop, internet shop

WebbiShop - online shop

Start your online shop; we can offer you all needed functionality of an online shop. Check out the detailed specification of the WebbiShop...
WebbiBoks, sponsored links google

WebbiBoks - sponsored links

A sponsored links package from 300zł. Enlarge the number of visits on your website; you are charged for advertising only when the net surfer visits your website. Check out the WebbiBoks sponsored links package...
Faq - questions and answersFAQ

What's the difference between the domain charge and the hosting charge? These are two different charges. The domain charge is only for the name of the domain. Making this payment doesn't enable creating a website. You also need to pay for the hosting service - that is for a place on a server's hard drive where the website will be uploaded and where the emails will be stored. The domain charge and the hosting charge are usually made anually.

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website design, online shops, sponsored links, website audit, cms
Website design, online shop design, CMS, Google sponsored links. Website updating.Internet consulting. 
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